RAM Couriers is Looking for Drivers and Warehouse General Workers

Operational RAM is urgently looking for Drivers and Warehouse Staff

Job Reference CDD241

Logistics, transport, distribution, courier

Transportation and Warehouse



Other opportunities: South African breweries open vacancies for drivers, general-workers, sales assistances & shelves packer

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If you have been interested in the transportation and courier industry and want to know the details of the position, participating in RAM apprenticeship seems like the best option. When you join the program, you can not only benefit from the theoretical platform (you can learn how to gain better prospects and perspectives), but you can also benefit from the direct application (thus you can gain work experience).


About The Program

RAM’s melee messenger has always wanted to seek out potential, dedicated, and promising talent with a strong dedication to work. The reason they create RAM learning is that they can find reliable workers and train them for future benefits. They even encourage people with disabilities to join the program, which typically lasts 12 months.


The requirements:

In general, here are some requirements for the RAM training program:

•Applicants must be South African citizens; this will be proven with an identifier

•They must be between 18 and 29 years old.

•Must have Matrix Certificate (Grade 12) with Level 4 qualification in English

•They should understand basic computer skills.

•They must understand basic communication in English, including reading, writing, and speaking.

•They must have a good team spirit and also dedication


In addition to these requirements, you must also adhere to standard documentation which may include:

•Must have a CV

•Certified copy of the identity document.

•A certified copy of the Matric certificate or any other certificate related to the position


Other opportunities: G4s Security Jobs


How to APPLY: Click HERE for ram careers.

There are different ways to submit your request. The first and most beneficial is to send all important documents by email to Learnership@ram.co.za. Make sure everything is ready and prepared in case you need to add any other supporting documents to the process. At this point, it is essential to have print and electronic versions of all documents; that would make everything easier.

Secondly, you can also have an online application where you can directly fill in the application form and then upload the supporting documents. However, only do this if the itinerary is PROVIDED by the company. In most cases, they can ask you to email everything. Make sure you properly prepare the requirements, conditions, and processing of requests to minimize errors and errors.



Often the announcement of the availability of learning is not really thorough or complete. They mainly indicate the position available and the general requirements without including further details. Just follow the procedures, but be prepared for any updates – no more supporting documents, the willingness to go through more verification processes, etc. As long as he’s ready, you should be fine.

The program is generally available annually with the deadline usually in April. But that’s no guarantee that it will happen the same year after year. The best way for you is to do a regular check-up (preferably at the beginning of the year) to see if they have a vacant position or not. It is advisable to visit the official website or third-party vendors (usually associated with the company) for details on the RAM training program. If in doubt, contact RAM’s human resources department on 011 977 5000.

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