Ackermans Open New Vacancies

We’re always on the lookout for superstars to join us. It has been around for over 100 years and more than 10,000 employees work in our support center, distribution center, and stores in 5 countries. We are passionate about retail, fashion, and the masses.

We call the employees “Fatimas” which means “to shine” at North Sotho whether you are excellent or have analytical skills. You can be our new star to join the team.

At Ackermans, we offer a wide range of opportunities, from fashion to finance. Please consult the different departments below for suitable positions.


Our product planners, designers, buyers, and technicians ensure that our store sells high-quality clothing and products, providing added value to customers.


From basic bookkeeping to budgeting, if you have creative issues, this kit is perfect for you. Very energetic and detail-oriented, we can not only balance the books but also keep the balance.

Group supply chain and distribution center.

The supply chain engineer and the distribution center selector are the same; The team has strict requirements to ensure the most efficient solution for transporting goods from supplier to customer.



From sales managers and salespeople to CAD operators and visual salespeople, this team plans, supports and executes elaborate magic that takes place daily in over 700 stores in 5 countries/regions due to their OPS IS TOPS.


Main responsibility:

• Optimize in-store sales by implementing efficient business processes.

• Generate and exceed sales and growth budgets.

• Optimize profits through efficient cost management. (Manage expenses within budget)

• Make sure that professional human resource practices are used in personnel and talent management processes.

• Efficient inventory management in your store.

• Exceed customer expectations.

• Make sure the effectiveness of subordinates through effective leadership and clear communication.

Work performance management.

• Follow company policies and procedures.

• Make sure productivity and positive morale by putting company values ​​into practice.


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